Jens Kröhnert

Again it has been a while since I blogged the last time. Again the reason is simple, there was too much exiting stuff to do. Beeing focused on the cutting edge of technological development, for me the second half of 2015 was a breakthrough in many ways. The technological offerings like in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, the Open-Source Developments like Hadoop 2.X but also the mindset of Business – and IT-People evolved to a point, that we now have an Innovation focused market where competing over analysis is becoming more relevant than competing over products. Everytime we help customers on the journey to innovate with our Innovation Lab this funnel approach is a helpfull reference:


Competing over Analytics

The “data-driven” enterprise comes in many facets like the “real-time”-enterprise or the “predictive”-enterprise, most approaches haven one common goal: new services that accompany the former products and services in order to better understand and serve the customer. The key enablers to realise those goals are the so called “Lambda-Architecture” which adds a Real-Time and potentially Predictive to the formerly mostly Batch-Load orientated processes, also known as “The Internet of Things”  or in short IoT.



News from the Innovation Lab

My favorite conducted Innovation Labs of the last period included the following:

  •  New Real-Time and Predictive Services for a Water-Monitor and –Control Specialist (IoT)
  • Hadoop on Azure as the missing link for formerly not supported SAP Use-Cases between SAP ERP and Microsoft BI for a global leader in machinery and plant enginnering and manufactoring
  • Real-Time and Predictive for a backed goods plant delivering about 150 bakeries.
  • Real-Time and Predictive, Azure Cloud benefits, Social Media Analysis for big E-Commerce company (e-Bay bought the company)
  • Real-Time events by RFID,  Cloud-data processing, Real-Time Dashboars leading to opimiziations for the customer (new services, better communication), the product assemply line as well as the employees on that line for a gobal leader in manufactoring pumps. (IoT)

See you at SQL Server Conference 2016

I hope this year I will keep my promise to blog more often and for example give you more insights on that exiting journey into the future.

In any case you will find me on this years German Microsoft SQL Server conference in Darmstadt with a talk about “The Internet of Things” and concrete Innovation realisations like the named cases above.

Greetings to all friends and business co-traveler on that journey – all the best for 2016 – the year of massive waves of digital transformation on our exponantial path of technological devolvement. Never loose your humanity in the upcoming transhumanist world and be prepared to enrich your technologial and personal aibilities.

“The future is already here – it is just not evenly distributed yet” – William Gibson

Hope to see you in Darmstadt at the Microsoft SQL Server Conference 2016.